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health is more than weight loss

What is Health? 5 considerations to feel absolutely amazing!

Want to feel true health? All encompassing health is more than the avoidance of illness and disease. Whilst that is a key attribute and essential to wellness, hitting your peak in health and wellness comprises other factors. There are many different factors that contribute to someone’s health, but some of the key components include: Physical

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fitness, movement and wellness are important

You Are Going to Die: Embracing Life and Wellness

You Are Going to Die: Embracing Life and Wellness Harsh, but we don’t mean that it will happen tomorrow. Our hope is that it will happen when you are 100, after living a fulfilled life free from the ailments of physical and emotional illness. The greatest gift that can come from confronting your own mortality,

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Time for change! Join Rockhampton’s #1 gym!

Bored of doing the same old gym routine? We don’t blame you! Join a community that is focused on having fun and getting the most out of each session you attend. When you train at VidaFit, you will be doing something new every single day. You will learn new skills and you will achieve things

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2021 Results are In… WOW!

  2021 has been a massive year within the walls of VidaFit, with over 47000 attendances in the gym (looks like we might even break 50000)! We’ve successfully continued our goal to help change the lives of Rockhampton locals. Through the quest to live a healthier life, we have helped our community to lose over

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