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VidaFit is the best Functional Fitness and CrossFit gym in Rockhampton offering a friendly, safe, positive and fun environment for you to be able to reach your absolute potential.  We are a successful, caring and really smiley bunch of fitness and health professionals who are truly passionate about helping each and every one of our clients get the absolute best from life.

The VidaFit philosophy is focused on four pillars of health; Training, Recovery, Nutrition and Mindset, with facilities and services available to support these pillars. With the latest in functional fitness equipment, huge variety in fitness programs, highly skilled and experienced coaches, in-house Nutritionist and a designated recovery hub, our members success is more than physical; our members are fitter, healthier and all-round happier humans!

After many successes in his own sporting, professional and personal life, founder and owner Dan decided to share his secret to success with the Rockhampton locals and VidaFit was born. Dan’s vision has literally helped to save and improve the life of thousands of Central Queensland residents and it is these members that form the amazing community at VidaFit.

Through their own journeys, VidaFit members have discovered lifelong friendships, seen their personal and professional lives flourish and helped to build a community of support through an openly accepting and welcoming place where they can continue to grow.

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