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2021 Results are In… WOW!

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2021 has been a massive year within the walls of VidaFit, with over 47000 attendances in the gym (looks like we might even break 50000)!

We’ve successfully continued our goal to help change the lives of Rockhampton locals. Through the quest to live a healthier life, we have helped our community to lose over 1.2 tonnes of body fat and over 39m of body measurements through the VidaFit Overhaul program. Throughout the gym, each day we have seen great feats of athleticism. Each and every day we see our community stepping outside of their comfort zone and achieving things that they never once thought possible. But our proudest achievement of all is putting a smile on the faces of all our members that we have had the pleasure of coaching throughout the last 12 months.

This year we’ve given away over $20K in holidays to our members. People often ask us why we do these kinds of things, and the truth is that it is a way to show our appreciation to our community and give back. We want the absolute best for everyone in our community so we are constantly thinking of ways to go above and beyond what anyone else can offer to provide the best experience for everyone that walks through our doors!

2022 brings with it new goals. As always, our plans for next year are even bigger and more daring than ever before. #watchthisspace But at the heart of our focus is the health, wellness and fitness of our community. Our plan is to reach even further into the Rockhampton community and activate more people to feel the benefits of regular exercise and experience a life without limitations imposed by poor lifestyle choices.

So to the members reading this, and to those peaking over the ledge, know that in 12 months from now you will be fitter, stronger, healthier and happier! Let’s continue to spread the love of this wonderful community!

The Entire VidaFit Team

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