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About the VidaFit Overhaul

One lifestyle program to rule them all

Get ready to live your best life! This is an absolutely amazing program that will overhaul and transform your life, as it has for thousands of Rockhampton locals. The brain child of VidaFit founder Dan Withers, guarantees that this program is sure to help you and give you the tools to get to where you want to be in life. Whether you feel a little stuck with where you are in life, you are looking to lose weight, you are hoping to increase your fitness and wellness, you want to learn and understand the thinking and mindset of successful people or a combination of everything, this program is perfect for you!

Breakout session!

to develop an unstoppable mindset!

Your very first day begins with a breakout session. This is the foundation for your success in the Overhaul. Hear Dan talk about everything you need to be successful in all areas of your life. Whether it be health, career, wealth, relationships or something different, breakout day will set you up to live the life you were meant to live! 

The very next day, Overhaul nutritionist, Jade will give you clear and concise information to help you navigate the often confusing world of food and give you tips to implement good nutrition for your lifetime!

In this program you will learn about the key areas you have to get right to live the life that you truly want and deserve. This is an extremely popular program, spots are limited and it books out really quick. Be sure to reserve your position now for the next Overhaul launch. You will love this program and it will transform your life, we guarantee it.

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See the amazing transformations some of our Overhaulers have made by sliding over the photos below.

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Check out reviews from our Past Overhaulers!

I signed up for the Overhaul with a fair amount of weight, insecurities and misconceptions about the gym. I was wrong, I found the staff all genuinely helpful in sessions, the environment inviting and the encouragement to engage and work on my health outcomes. Well worth the sign up.

Been Training here for about 6 months, currently just completed the recent overhaul challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Tracking my diet, my progress and seeing my numbers go up have provided me with the confidence to continue to drive forward. It’s been addictive and I have the team to thank for that. If I could recommend a gym for any one within the C.Q area I would highly recommend vidafit. The team are unbelievable. They want to see you succeed. The knowledge around nutrition and physical training is second to none. The training and recovery equipment are top notch! I could never go back to just doing a training program like back on Tuesday and legs on Thursday due to the variety I have experienced at vidafit. You’re never alone at vidafit, the training staff and your fellow vidafit members will encourage you to push. The ‘communal suffering’ is a beauty within itself. Haha! Thank you to the team at vidafit for helping me prep for the next hurdle of my life!

This is such a great community, I feel is more than a gym is a home away from home, coaching staff are so friendly and helpful. I just finished the overhaul (weight loss program) I felt it was fun and I wanted to be there all the time and I know other people too. Coffee is great and the team challenges were so entertaining. Thanks Vidafit I hope to make you all proud after I finish my first full size triathlon. 😉

I recently joined VidaFit for the overhaul experience and will be staying on as a member for sure! As well as never feeling lost during classes, I’m given great tips and techniques for my level of ability. It’s a fun, rewarding way to work out 😊

Can not recommend this place enough! 🙌🏽 Such a welcoming and supportive community with so much knowledge in all aspects of health. There’s classes for all levels of fitness and the coaches really do know their stuff! P.s Their overhaul program will change your life! 💪🏽

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