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VidaFit has a massive amount of classes to suit all ages and fitness levels. With over 120 class times per week across 12 different programs, VidaFit will have you covered with whatever your fitness and training goals may be!
This is the very program everyone is RAVING about! 45 mins of action-packed high intensity, strength, conditioning and functional movement!
Our electric CrossFit classes provide the chance for you to really get amongst it and unleash your inner champion!
The path to a happy, fulfilled and healthy life starts at a young age! Vida Kids is available for children from 5 years old to 12 years old.
The perfect chance for active Mummas to come in socialise with others Mummas and take a little time out and give back to themselves!
Turn back the clock, return to your former glory days or just create or maintain excellent wellness and mobility to live your senior years the way you deserve.
Combine FUN and some RUNNING and you get FRUNNING!
A hectic, crazy and intense hour of fun, filled fitness! Combining 2 of the world’s toughest and demanding training disciplines, CrossFit and Boxing into one hectic hour!
It’s the hardcore way to a HARDCORE!
The art of Yoga and mobility combined!
Increase your muscle mass and strength and perfect your technique for a variety of foundational barbell movements.
Learn, hone and sharpen your technique through the skill of the week from your EXPERT Coaches!
A time to work on individual skills, perfect technique, do some strength training.

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Join hundreds of like-minded Rockhampton locals just like you on the journey to a fit and healthy life. I’ve you’ve been thinking about making a positive change, we’d love to meet and discuss your fitness and lifestyle goals!

VidaFit Rockhampton Logo

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