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Tier 1 and Tier 2 Foundation Memberships have SOLD OUT, and now Tier 3 Memberships are active! This is your last chance to join as a foundation member before the full price of $54 per week kicks in.

Don’t miss out on this last opportunity to save — the sooner you join, the more you save!


Tier 1 Foundation Membership Release

Our Tier 1 Foundation Membership is the one you don't want to miss. Tier 1 Memberships are strictly limited, so you need to be quick before the Tier 2 price increase Midnight on Sunday!

We're currently experiencing service outages with our gym software. If the form on the next page doesn't load, please click this message to get in touch with us!


Tier 2 Foundation Membership Release

Our Tier 2 Foundation Memberships are live and still offers incredible value!

Tier 3 Foundation Membership Release

Our Tier 3 Foundation Membership is the final Foundation Membership offer before our full price membership kicks in!

Standard rate

$54 per week

Tier 3 Membership

$51 per week!

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Voted Rockhampton’s Best Gym 2023 - Now open in Yeppoon!

VidaFit Voted Rockhampton's Best Gym 2023

At VidaFit, we’re not just a gym; we’re a lifestyle, a community, and a place where transformations happen! With over a decade of delivering outstanding results, we bring you a fitness experience built on Fitness, Lifestyle, and Community.

Our approach is fun, professional, and supportive, ensuring you get more value, more variety and better results. Jump into our unique classes, tailored to meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey.

We’re so excited to bring VidaFit to the Yeppoon community!

VidaFit is coming to Yeppoon! 11

More than a gym, it's a lifestyle

We blend comprehensive fitness programs, a lifestyle-oriented approach, and a supportive community into a unique experience that empowers our members to achieve their best in health and wellness.

Experience The VidaFit Difference
VidaFit is coming to Yeppoon! 12


At VidaFit, fitness is more than just a routine; it’s a transformative journey tailored to meet you wherever you are on your path to health and wellness. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every workout not only challenges you but also supports your overall health and fitness goals.

VidaFit Members enjoying a breakfast


We believe in integrating fitness seamlessly into your lifestyle, making it a sustainable and enjoyable part of your daily routine. VidaFit encourages a balanced approach to wellness, where being active and healthy enhances every aspect of your life. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean a life of restrictions — you CAN enjoy that burger or beer guilt-free!

VidaFit is coming to Yeppoon! 13


Our community is the heartbeat of VidaFit, offering an environment where support, and encouragement are as fundamental as the workouts themselves. Joining VidaFit means becoming part of a community that celebrates each other’s successes and pushes you to achieve your best.
VidaFit is coming to Yeppoon! 14

Join with Peace of mind

Our Foundation Memberships are Backed by VidaFit's Risk Reversal Guarantee!

The VidaFit Risk Reversal Guarantee means that you can train with use for 7 days and if you decide we’re not a perfect match, you can cancel anytime before the end of your 7 day trail period without paying a cent!

Your questions answered!

Foundation Membership FAQ

If you’ve been wondering about how all this works, read on for the answers to a lot of the questions we’ve been getting!

1 membership, 3 locations, 160+ classes! Your foundation membership includes UNLIMITED access to all classes at VidaFit Yeppoon, VidaFit HQ (North Rocky), and VFX (Rocky CBD).

Membership includes free access to the staffed creche at Yeppoon and VidaFit HQ. This is over $150 per week in value included in just 1 membership!

The Foundation Membership offer is available on our VidaFit Unlimited Membership. This is a 7-month ongoing membership. The full rate of this membership is $54 per week, however, the foundation offer will start lower and increase in tiers as member numbers increase. So, the sooner you join, the more you save!

Your foundation membership will begin on our first official trading day, which is set for Monday 20th May 2024.

We get that you want to ensure we are the right fit. We guarantee that it won’t take long for you to see why we were voted Rocky’s Best Gym last year. But, to ease your mind, lock in your foundation membership rate and if for any reason you are unsatisfied, you can cease your membership in the first 7 days after our official opening date, no questions asked, by requesting a membership cancellation form via our Contact Form.

Your free week will be added to the start of your foundation membership, meaning that your first payment will be delayed by a week.

You can choose the frequency of your payments when you sign up. Choose from weekly, fortnightly, 4x weekly or monthly. All payments will be set to begin on Monday 20th May (or a week later if you were a winner). If you have a preference for this to change, let us know via our Contact Form after you sign up.

7 months is the minimum term of your foundation membership. Once the 7-month term is up, it continues ongoing until further notice. This means that you get to maintain your great low membership rate* as long as you remain a member. If your circumstances change within the 7 months and you need to cease your membership early, you can do so by paying the early separation fee of $120.

*Memberships past their minimum term may be subject to CPI increases.

Yes, absolutely. Register for the Foundation Membership when it is released, lock in the great price and let us know if you need to push back your start date via our Contact Form. Start dates can be pushed back up to 1 calendar month.

Yes, membership holds are available on all memberships. Holds are for a minimum of 4 weeks and are subject to a $7 per week hold fee. You can request a hold via our Contact Form.

Yes, we do! If this is you, reach out via our Contact Form and we’ll get you the details after the Foundation Membership is released. These memberships are available for those on a regular out-of-town roster. Eg, 7 on / 7 off. Proof of roster is required.

Yes, we will offer a membership concession for full-time Students (both secondary and tertiary), as well as Emergency Services Employees (Police, Fire, and Ambulance). Current full-time student ID / Proof required to be eligible. Please get in touch via our Contact Form and we will send you details following the release of the Foundation Memberships.

We cater for young adults from the age of 13. Get in touch with us via our Contact Form to register your interest and we can get you details following the release of the Foundation Memberships.

Yes, we will offer a discount for couples. Payments must be from the same account, on the same day. Please fill out our Contact Form and we will send you details following the release of the Foundation Memberships.

We have a separate membership for our Ageless Active program. To register your interest, please fill out our Contact Form and we’ll send you the information after the release of our Foundation Memberships.

Any other questions? Let us know now, so you can get your answers before the release of memberships on Sunday. You are going to want to be one of the first members to join!  Reach out via our Contact Form.

plan your ideal workout sessions

VidaFit Yeppoon Class Timetable

Our new timetable is stacked with a wide variety of classes to suit every fitness level and interest. Check out the timetable below for times and a description of each class type!

Unmatched programming

The VidaFit Training Methodology

Join Coach Dan as he explains the VidaFit Training Methodology—a tailored and progressive approach that guarantees transformative results. Discover how our structured programming adapts to your fitness level, making every session enjoyable and effective!

See What Our Members Have To Say

Be inspired by the extraordinary journeys of our members who have seen phenomenal results. Common side effects of training at VidaFit include feeling great, boosted confidence and well-being among our community members!

VidaFit Success Stories

VidaFit has changed my life. Cannot recommend it enough ❤️

I signed up for the Overhaul with a fair amount of weight, insecurities and misconceptions about the gym. I was wrong, I found the staff all genuinely helpful in sessions, the environment inviting and the encouragement to engage and work on my health outcomes. Well worth the sign up.

Huge variety of classes, for every fitness level. Amazing and supportive coaches and the best energy filled environment.

I joined Vidafit this year, it’s a great community to be apart of. I’m happy I’ve found not only a gym but such a great bunch of people to be around!

Been Training here for about 6 months, currently just completed the recent overhaul challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Tracking my diet, my progress and seeing my numbers go up have provided me with the confidence to continue to drive forward. It’s been addictive and I have the team to thank for that. If I could recommend a gym for any one within the C.Q area I would highly recommend vidafit. The team are unbelievable. They want to see you succeed. The knowledge around nutrition and physical training is second to none. The training and recovery equipment are top notch! I could never go back to just doing a training program like back on Tuesday and legs on Thursday due to the variety I have experienced at vidafit. You’re never alone at vidafit, the training staff and your fellow vidafit members will encourage you to push. The ‘communal suffering’ is a beauty within itself. Haha! Thank you to the team at vidafit for helping me prep for the next hurdle of my life!

This is such a great community, I feel is more than a gym is a home away from home, coaching staff are so friendly and helpful. I just finished the overhaul (weight loss program) I felt it was fun and I wanted to be there all the time and I know other people too. Coffee is great and the team challenges were so entertaining. Thanks Vidafit I hope to make you all proud after I finish my first full size triathlon. 😉

Experienced coaches, good atmosphere and a place where they drive you to get the best out of yourself. All of the coaches are so approchable where you won't feel belittled. Definitely recommended.

Awesome coaches that care!! Scaled workouts, lifestyle change and knowledge of how to keep going to achieve my goals!!!

BEST GYM IN ROCKY! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awesome Facilities! Awesome Coaches! Awesome Workouts and Programs! Awesome People! All around AWESOME gym!

I recently joined VidaFit for the overhaul experience and will be staying on as a member for sure! As well as never feeling lost during classes, I'm given great tips and techniques for my level of ability. It's a fun, rewarding way to work out 😊

Can not recommend this place enough! 🙌🏽 Such a welcoming and supportive community with so much knowledge in all aspects of health. There’s classes for all levels of fitness and the coaches really do know their stuff! P.s Their overhaul program will change your life! 💪🏽

Absolutely fantastic place to train, you feel like part of a big family! Suitable for all fitness levels, and the creche ladies are just wonderful with the kiddies! 10/10 best gym in Rockhampton!

You honestly couldn't ask for a better community to share your health/ fitness/ wellness journey with. The facility is first class, with a range of classes tailored to cater for all ages and ability levels. The coaches are phenomenal and genuinely care about everyone's goals and aspirations, offering a holistic perspective on your health and wellness. The classes are enjoyable and the atmosphere is always positive. The Recovery Hub is a fantastic way to recharge and prepare your body for the rigours of training, and the coffee in the cafe is delish! Regardless of your experience and ability level, this really is the best place to become fitter, healthier and happier! 🙌🏽

Great friendly gym with classes for all levels of fitness from couch sitters to world class athletes.

Awesome gym for both seasoned fitness and those starting out. Completely scaled for those with limitations or managing injuries. Gym users are friendly and the staff are only too willing to help and coach you in the correct form.

Very Interactive Detailed Activities Focused Individual Training

Last chance to Join early and save!

Tier 3 Foundation Memberships are now active!

Join our VIP list to get the link to our Tier 3 Foundation Membership offer. This is the last chance to grab a discounted membership at VidaFit. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!