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Fitter, Happier, Healthier – Your Key to Success in the Gym!

Through our combined 50+ years of experience within gyms in the fitness and health industry, we have identified the key to a consistently happy, healthy life.

We’ve seen people come and go with their training, resulting in peaks and troughs in their own health (and mental) status. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself? From our experience we’ve identified that there are four pillars of health that will result in consistency in your training and increase your overall fitness; leading to a happier and healthier life! These pillars are the driver behind the philosophy of VidaFit and is the reason why thousands of Rockhampton locals have achieved such amazing success in and out of the gym.

The first pillar is training. Seems pretty simple, right? You go to the gym and workout 6 times a week and this is taken care of, right? Not exactly. There are principles of fitness that we account for within the unique programs that we run. There’s no generic programming here, it is all done in-house by our coaches for our community. We look at the type of training, the intensity of training and the frequency of training and this is all considered and balanced so you know that each week you are receiving appropriate programming that will maximise your results. Your appropriate type of training is covered through the multitude of programs that we offer to assist you with any outcome that you want; whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain or health related. A coach will provide you with guidance on which of our unique training programs will be of the most benefit to you. You can find a full list of our various programs here > Classes

Intensity is the next principle of training that we examine. This is a really important one! Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned exerciser, getting this right is crucial to longevity. Firstly, we understand that intensity is very much a subjective measure and applies across multiple domains of fitness. Our uniquely designed programs cater for a large variety of outcomes of all different levels. We further tailor the program within each class to each individual based on your own requirements and individual strengths and weaknesses. We also understand that not everyone is looking to be the worlds best athlete, so we incorporate intensity levels that are for people who want to move a little bit and feel the benefits of exercise without being too exhausted after a workout or feeling too sore the next day. You will see three varying levels within our V45 and Strength & Conditioning (CrossFit) classes: Performance, Fitness, Lifestyle.

Frequency is very much an individual preference based on your own goals and individual lifestyle factors. The most important thing with this, even if you are an experienced exerciser is to listen to your body and what it is telling you. Rest days are extremely underrated; your body needs them and your mind needs them too! Have a chat to one of our coaches about what frequency works best for you! This principle will work hand in hand with the intensity of your training.

The second pillar is nutrition. This can be really complicated or really simple with the correct guidance. Our philosophy of nutrition is to align what you eat with the outcome that you want. This is where a lot of people can go wrong. If you want to be the worlds best athlete, then you have to eat like you are the worlds best athlete. Through all the noise and fads you hear around nutrition, you can’t go wrong if you eat good quality food. To align your desired outcomes with your nutrition and to get the most out the effort you put into your training, have a chat with Jade from Vida Nutrition and Wellness.

The third pillar is recovery. Moving your body is crucial to staying fit and healthy for life. But equally as important is letting it rest and recover. The amount of rest you have will be determined by your level of training experience and your overall volume of training. But recovery isn’t just about having a rest day every now and then, it’s about implementing protocols that provide an environment for your body to repair and grow and be ready to tackle the next training session. Flexibility and mobility protocols (including massage) are an integral part of any training regime to ensure the body remains supple and moving well without restrictions. Frequently attending our Yo’Bility class will give you great benefits, and now it is delivered online for our members so you can do it anywhere, anytime! Further to this, a lot of research has found that the use of hot and cold therapies has been shown to increase markers of recovery, allowing athletes to recover faster and perform better. This is why we have a designated recovery hub with a temperature controlled ice bath and full spectrum infrared sauna.

The fourth pillar is mindset. Get this right and you will get everything right! This is why it’s such a big focus at VidaFit. Besides the benefits of regular exercise on mood states, we have specific programs designed to train your mind. The VidaFit Overhaul is Rockhampton’s leading lifestyle program and it is the mindset work that is incorporated in this program that sees such amazing results for those that participate. Drilling down into the behavioural psychology, this program helps you understand why you think, act and feel certain ways and provides you with all the tools to effect lasting change.

There you have the four pillars of health – the secret to living a fitter, happier and healthier life! The great thing about this, is that all the hard work has been done for you. The one thing you need to do is show up to VidaFit ready to start and we’ll take care of the rest!

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