Dan Withers 2

Dan Withers

Coaching is in Dan’s blood. His down to earth character, great work ethic and ability to inspire has made him a natural born leader and someone people love to be around.

Dan began his coaching journey at just 13 years of age. Although he is never one to sing his own praises, Dan has coached and lead sporting teams and individuals to become national champions on 6 separate occasions.

As proven, Dan knows what it takes from a coaching and training perspective to be at your very best physically, mentally and emotionally to enable you to reach your absolute potential. Dan stumbled into his first CrossFit box in 2009, fell in love with the methodology and has since  made it the core of his training regime.

Dan understands that the majority of his clientele have no ambitions to be the world’s best athletes. His biggest passion is in showing and guiding others to build lives of great health, wellness and happiness, whatever that means to them.

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