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What you get in the VidaFit Overhaul

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Qualified Coaches

Different to any other gym, our Overhaul coaches and mentors have been in your shoes and are here to work with you to reach your goals! You won’t find better or more qualified people for the job!

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Real humans giving you face-to-face individual support. Come in and see us, call us, email us, message us, Facebook us – whatever means you like, the VidaFit Team are here to help you every step of the way!

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Education & Breakout Day

Full day seminar called Breakout Day. This unmissable day is world-class and exclusive to VidaFit Overhaul members only! You’ll be provided with all reading and journaling materials for FREE! This seminar alone is worth over $1,000!

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We’ll give you everything you need to create a healthy and nourishing life, not only for you but your family too. You’ll also receive an extensive nutrition guide backed by our in house nutritionist.

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We’ll keep you on target and motivated with a range of different videos from our panel of experts. Lose weight once and for all, gain more energy, live a fulfilled life and be happier!

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All equipment and resources are fully supplied. The program’s price is all-inclusive with absolutely no more to pay and can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or upfront.

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Meal Planning

Get shopping tips, learn how to put balanced meals together, get feedback on adapting your own recipes, and get tailored guidance on how you can organise best for your lifestyle.

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Tracking & Accountability

Be kept accountable with weekly weigh-ins, monitoring, training check-ins, fitness testing, measurements, competitions, challenges and before and after photos.

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Join our private Facebook group where you can lean on fellow and past Overhaulers for questions, advise, recipes, inspiration and encouragement.

The VidaFit Overhaul changes lives!

Everyone who comes through the Vidafit Overhaul has a story to tell. Hear from REAL members with REAL results!


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Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness regime. Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss.

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