VidaFit has a massive amount of classes to suit all ages and fitness levels. With over 120 class times per week across 12 different programs, VidaFit will have you covered with whatever your fitness and training goals may be!

VidaFit General 131218-5 Wellbeing

Injury Prevention

INJURY PREVENTION – WHY ARE CORRECT MECHANICS SO IMPORTANT? Your body is designed and set up to work through millions of movement patterns and cycles. Every single time you put your body in a comprised or unsafe position, you are burning through these movement cycles. Think of your brick house, …

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All Stars 2018_083 Pregnancy and Maternity

Exercising During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many benefits that can be experienced through regular exercise. Exercising when you are pregnant can help to keep your heart strong, strengthens your body and muscles and it can also help to relieve the basic discomforts of pregnancy — from morning sickness to constipation to achy …

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