V45 – This is the very program everyone is RAVING about! 45 mins of action packed high intensity, strength, conditioning and functional movement! We will challenge you from every angle, no two workouts are ever the same and once you see & feel the incredible results form V45 you will be begging for more! Get fit, fast & strong with this amazing 45 mins class! There’s no excuse any more, this is the class to just get in and get it done!! You will feel AWESOME for the rest of your day!

CROSSFIT – Our electric Crossfit classes provide the chance for you to really get amongst it and unleash your inner champion! Crossfit is an overall strength and conditioning program that incorporates all aspects of fitness! The program is “CONSTANTLY VARIED” allowing you to tackle a different workout every day. Suitable for all levels of fitness

MUMMA FIT– The perfect chance for active Mummas to come in, socialise with others Mummas,  take a little time out & give back to themselves through some tailored, fun & empowering exercise. Oh & did we mention the FREE child minding, AIR CONDITIONING & DELICIOUS organic coffee?! Perfect for post pregnancy beginner or experienced Mummas, mummas looking to get back into shape, re-establish their body & movement confidence.

VIDAFIT OVERHAUL – This AMAZING program has become famous, it’s the experience of a lifetime.  Our VidaFit overhauls have changed the lives of thousands of our clients. This isn’t a ‘challenge’ it is miles ahead of that. In this program we will overhaul your life and give you a proven formula that when implemented by you will become fitter, healthier, happier and more fulfilled then ever before. Whether you’re just chasing a little direction, you want to lose weight, increase your overall strength and fitness, create a life winning mindset, want the formula to enable you to win at life, or a combination of all, this program is right for you. Be excited and get ready to live your best life! This program fills very quickly, so be sure to book your spot today!

Visit to access full details about VidaFit overhauls.

CROSSBOX – A hectic, crazy and intense hour of fun, filled fitness! Combining 2 of the world’s toughest and demanding training disciplines, CrossFit and Boxing into one hectic hour! Absolutely AWESOME fun and we promise it’ll leave you begging for more!

HARDCORE – It’s the hardcore way to a HARDCORE! Get a six pack that a gymnast would envy and build amazing core strength which will benefit every aspect of your life. This class may be just 45 mins in duration but don’t be fooled, the intensity is HIGH!

FRUNNING – Combine FUN and some RUNNING and you have FRUNNING!! Frunning is a exclusive & unique running program that works on all aspects of running including speed, power, agility, endurance, aerobic & anaerobic capacity! One thing is for sure, we will have you FRUNNING FIT!

AGELESS ACTIVE– Turn back the clock, return to your former glory days or just create or maintain excellent wellness & mobility to live your senior years the way you deserve. These safe, relaxed, friendly, fun &  moderately paced classes are aimed directly at creating functional movement patterns that will keep our SENIOR athletes moving well for the rest of their days. Continuing to move functionally is absolutely critical as we move through our senior years & there is no better place to do it then amongst our empowering community.  Before you ask… YES this is for you as we cater for all ages & fitness levels. Oh & feel free to grab a coffee after class & socialise with other AGELESS ACTIVE team members in our great little café. You will love this one, it’s one of our favourites!

YO’BILITY – The art of Yoga and Mobility combined. Release your tired body or take some time to give back to your body through Yoga and Mobility! Your body, mind and soul will absolutely love you, WE PROMISE!

LIFT OFF– The training discipline of Olympic Weightlifting. Learn or perfect the technique of the Clean and Jerk and Snatch as well as additional accessory exercises and mobility to have you reaching PR’s in no time!

SKILLZ – Learn, hone and sharpen your technique through the skill of the week from your EXPERT Coaches! Skillz will vary each week so check in with us for the skill this week!

OPEN FLOOR – A time to work on individual skills, perfect technique, do some strength training or smash out your very own workout at the time of day that suits you and your busy schedule.