Getting Started

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It really is as simple as 1,2,3

1- Make Sure you have watched the VidaFit overhaul video located in “VidaFit Overhauls” section. Take a little time to look at the “client transformation” section and get excited!
2- Enquire now about the next intake dates and overhaul information by entering your details in the below box or call now for more information.
3- Book your spot and get ready to overhaul your life!


– Do I have to be fit to start? No! Whether it is your first time ever exercising, your returning to exercise after a break or you train regularly, everyone is catered for.
– I won’t be able to keep up with everyone? Yes you will! Our experienced coaches will work with you and give you alternate exercises & loads where needed to ensure you are able to keep up with the pack.
– I’m really nervous and scared to start- Good! That’s totally normal. So is everyone else. You will never experience a more compassionate, friendly, positive and supporting environment then what you will experience with us. Remember the journey of 1000 miles starts with 1 tiny courageous step. You take that step and we will handle the rest!
– How is this different to a 8 week weight loss challenge? We love this question! You are about to discover that this is different in so many ways. We will work with you on 4 key areas of your life so you not only achieve the goals that you set out to achieve in this program, but you make it apart of your life for the rest of your days. Training and nutrition are only 2 key areas. There are 2 additional more important areas that we will educate you on and show you how to implement them in your journey to live a brilliant life. Oh and the way you will look at the conclusion of the overhaul will amaze you!
Is this for me? Hell yes! If you want to be fit, healthy, happy & successful, then this is for you! You will love this and it will transform your life.