Nutrition is a major key to living life to the fullest and feeling your absolute BEST! Whether your goal is to achieve maximum performance in your sport, optimise your health and wellbeing, or lose weight, great nutrition will help get you there.

At Vida Nutrition and Wellness, helping you to achieve your potential is our focus. The road to getting you there is where we differ.  Not only will we help you work out what is best for YOU to eat, based on YOUR goals, but also coach you to understand and change unhealthy eating patterns.  Nutrition services are tailored to the individual in a way to support success.

Our nutrition philosophy is based on eating whole foods.

Our Nutrition services include:

Nutrition Coaching – the service is available for those wanting and needing continued support to making nutritional changes. This may include making gradual habit changes so the change is long lasting and becomes a lifestyle.

Overhaul Transitions – a 6 week transition program from the VidaFit Overhaul to Life after the Overhaul.

Nutrition Consultations – a private consultation where we will look at past and current nutrition and make recommendations bases on your individual needs.

Psychological Coaching/Counselling for for Weight Management – using the latest techniques and psychology strategies to support weight management, self esteem, body acceptance and the support of behavioural change.