Client Journeys


We want you to meet Kylie and hear her experience on the VidaFit Overhaul. Before the VidaFit Overhaul Kylie thought she was what she thought happy, that’s until she took the plunge into the Overhaul! She is now 27kg’s lighter, happier, healthier, full of energy and her life has changed forever! She is a Mum to 4 energetic boys and this is her message to all the other Mum’s out there!

Steve and Renae

Check this out! An in depth, funny, uncut & honest insight into Steve & Renae’s Vida journey since discovering the one and only VidaFit Overhaul.

From where they started before Vidafit & Crossfit 4701 to where they are today will truly inspire you! Only in it to lose a couple of kilo’s what they gained from the program is so much more! With a new outlook on life and increased energy levels there’s absolutely no going back for this unstoppable couple!


Marie (Mezza) was never really big, but like a lot of people she always carried those few extra unwanted kilograms. Mez joined the VidaFit Overhaul in the hope of shedding the surplus kilo’s before her wedding day. Listen to how her Vida journey not only allowed her to strip the unwanted weight but gave her the tools to keep it off and also changed her life for the absolute better.


Amanda was born with club feet and has had triple Achilles transplants. A lot of people would use this as an excuse in life, but not Amanda. Watch Amanda’s video to see how, in the very short time since she started at VidaFit, she is stronger and fitter then ever before. Listen to her story to see how the Vida journey made her body be able to move more efficiently and effectively. Amanda is a true champion in every sense of the word.


Watch this quick video to see Megan’s amazing story about how VidaFit transformed not only her body and mind but her entire life. Megan has lost over 30 kilograms, is fitter then ever before, looks amazing and most importantly is happy and fulfilled with life.